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Thursday 21st June, 2018

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Is it time to rethink office cake? Is it a health hazard or a sociable morale-booster?
We spend around half our waking hours at work, so the workplace plays a crucial role in enabling a healthy lifestyle. Increasingly, employers invest in health and wellbeing, but Lou’s research has found that something is quietly undermining their efforts (and ROI).  Office cake impacts a workplace’s ability to build a culture of health by influencing employee eating behaviour and making it difficult to make healthy choices. But the research also revealed real opportunity to build social capital.  Lou will address the perceived barriers and explore ways to rethink workplace cake, so that employers can not only improve employee wellbeing but also make a valuable contribution to public health and explore how these considerations may relate to, and potentially influence, any element of organisational culture and behaviour.
Get to know Lou

Lou is a Workplace Health & Wellbeing Consultant specialising in obesity and obesogenic environments. She speaks professionally on a range of workplace wellbeing topics and is the author of the first academic research study into workplace cake culture.  Her collaborative approach helps organisations develop healthier environments using the principles of lifestyle medicine, using changes in nutrition, exercise, stress management, social support and environmental exposures to prevent, treat and reverse disease.  In 2018, Lou’s research was recognised in the Inspiring Wellbeing Awards.


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