Applicants – Our Recruitment Process

We pride ourselves in doing ‘recruitment through relationships’ and all good relationships start with an open conversation. Below outlines how we like to work with you.

Receipt & review of your CV via our website or job boards

Phone call to talk through your CV and understand your expectations around salary, job role, level, location etc.

Face to face meeting which will last around 1 hour, during which we get to know you more personally. We will advise on the market, your positioning within that and what businesses are doing in that space. Here is also where we might offer CV Aid and interview tips as appropriate.

Follow up by briefing you on roles we are recruiting for that suit your requirements resulting in submission of your CV to the client.

We will make the next process as smooth as possible, arranging interviews and making sure you are fully prepared to demonstrate your skills and personality. After interview we want to hear your feedback and thoughts asap. We will discuss this with the client and gain their feedback and what the next steps are. We are there to negotiate offers and be that communication channel to ensure you secure your dream role.

Placement management allows us to coach you through the resignation process, talk through counter offers, deal with notice periods and finally the commencement.

We will always be only a phone call away and if you need to ask us anything throughout this process all you have to do is pick up the phone.