2024 H1| HR Market Trends

The HR recruitment job market in the UK has experienced a dynamic and multifaceted evolution over the past six months. This period has been marked by significant changes influenced by economic fluctuations, evolving workplace norms, technological advancements, and a shifting political landscape in the lead-up to the UK elections in July 2024.

This summary delves into the various aspects of the HR recruitment landscape, highlighting key trends, challenges, and future projections.

The report covers:
  • Economic Context and Its Impact
  • Evolving Workforce Norms
  • Technological Advancements
  • Skills in Demand
  • Political Landscape and Upcoming Elections
  • Sectors Competing for HR Talent
  • Challenges in the HR Recruitment Market
  • Trend Towards Interim Talent
  • Future Projections

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The demand for skills in talent acquisition, DE&I, employee well-being, and HR technology is on the rise, and organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of flexible working arrangements.

Businesses are formalising hybrid working policies and increasingly relying on interim talent to address management gaps, reflecting a need for agility and strategic planning. Looking forward, the HR recruitment market is poised for continued evolution, with an emphasis on flexibility, skills development, AI adoption, DE&I, and employee experience. HR professionals who can navigate these trends and contribute to creating dynamic, inclusive, and supportive workplaces will be well-positioned for success in the future.