Are Interim HR professionals set to become the most in demand talent?

Across the HR recruitment world, we have seen a huge increase in demand for Learning & Development specialists, as organisations look to shift from a training to retaining mindset.

And, according to this piece from Personal Today, the number of learning and development jobs advertised via LinkedIn jumped 94% in late 2021.

Another trend to look out for in the coming months is the increase demand for Interim HR professionals.

Why will there be increased demand for HR Interims?

Put simply, coronavirus-related staff shortages are playing havoc with staff availability – notably in the healthcare and aviation sectors.

Heathrow and Gatwick are seeing particularly high numbers of flight cancellations, as airlines struggle to find new recruits (and process security checks) while at the same time struggling with Covid-related absences.

All while demand for travel is exceptionally high.

The NHS has also been hit hard, with tens of thousands of staff off sick due to Covid.

NHS England data shows that 65,795 NHS workers were off sick on 3 April with 25,552 (38.8%) because of Covid.

How can organisations benefit from hiring HR Interim professionals?

The HR function has been critical in organisations’ response to the pandemic.

The scale of the current challenge organisations are facing is huge, especially in the aviation and healthcare sectors – as identified above.

Interim HR professionals are able to parachute into the business and deliver output from day one, something that will be critical in the coming months.

They bring vast experience and are used to delivering a fast return on investment.

With multiple sectors set to see urgent talent needs in the coming months as organisations return to more office-based work patterns, I have no doubt that HR Interims will become highly sought after.

If you are looking to make an Interim hire in the HR space, or are an Interim HR professional looking for your next mandate – please get in contact to hear how HR Heads can support you.