Being an Authentic Leader

HR Heads Breakfast Forum, 15 March 2018

The first HR Heads Breakfast Forum of 2018 took place in Bournemouth on 15th March, in one of the stunning Lester Aldridge meeting rooms overlooking the sea. Our guest speaker Donna Hubbard, founder of Be Dynamic Coaching & Training delivered an engaging session: The Power of Authentic Leadership. 

Donna believes that in today’s self-aware and dynamic world people are seeking roles, working environments and leaders that allow them to ‘show up as the themselves’. During our Breakfast Forum, Donna explored how to be a truly authentic leader, the link between authenticity and building what lies at the heart of successful engagement – trust, and how you can be instrumental in creating environments where your people can thrive as the unique individuals they are.

You can catch up with Donna on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


The Key Take Aways

  1. In order for us as human beings to achieve our potential we need to feel able to be our authentic selves, because only when we’re authentic can our true strengths shine.
  2. Leaders are pivotal in sending a message that being your true self is not just ok but actually welcomed/celebrated in organisations.
  3. Being authentic makes all of us happier and able to live more rewarding lives & careers.


Questions to ask yourself

  1. What do you think the characteristics of an authentic leader are?
  2. Do you have any barriers in place stopping you being your authentic self as a leader?
  3. What would make it easier for us to lead as our true selves?
  4. How would creating a culture of authenticity positively impact your employees, and your business as a whole?
  5. What concerns do you have about creating a culture of authenticity, and how can they be addressed?
  6. How can you create an environment where your people feel able to thrive as their true selves?

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