Career progression

Ready to take the next step in your career? Don’t leave just for salary or job title alone

We’ve recently discussed Career Progression and the importance of developing professional relationships in a way that would support those aims. But what if that is difficult to do within your current employment? You are ready for the next step in your career but your current organisation can’t or won’t support those ambitions? To feel as if you are stagnating in your career despite all your ability and best endeavours can be the most frustrating of experiences. If the key enablers for developing your career are not available in your current role, where else might they be?

Looking outside of your current role and moving companies can be daunting. You need to make sure that there is something in it for you and that to walk away from the relationships and environment that you are familiar with is worth it. The obvious justification may be a pay rise or more lucrative benefits package. It may be a job title that you have aspired to throughout your working life.

Numerous articles and publications however highlight that in many industries, the best moves are not always the ones that offer immediate promotion or benefit. That is why it is so key to understand the context and environment of a new position; particularly given the huge variation in HR job details that you see between different organisations.

Understanding the HR function within an organisation, what the management lines will be and what growth and strategic agendas there are within both HR and the wider business is so important. Getting an appreciation of the individuals you will be working alongside and reporting to will also be key to identifying the very best opportunities for supporting your professional progression in the longer term.

If career progression and promotion is key to you therefore, make sure you have the information to get a feel for your potential growth and development within a new role, before making a leap purely on headlines of salary and job title. Research the company, dig into details of their business performance and the market they operate in. Understand the professional backgrounds of the people who work there and the values that are prevalent within the organisational culture and above all else, if you progress to interview remember that it is very much a two way process. It is your opportunity to find out what really is in it for you.

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