Creating a company culture… as easy as making bread!

As year-end draws upon many of us, we begin a balance of activities between reflecting on the year drawing to a close and looking towards what 2018/19 will hold in store.

The Heads Resourcing Group is a growing business, meaning increasingly I am tasked with the creation and formulation of our HR and People strategy.  Having not written one before, I have conducted considerable research (as you might expect!) and developed a healthy appreciation of how difficult this can be.  (This is where I really understand that I specialise in recruiting HR professionals, I am not actually one myself).

I have broadly covered 8 categories ranging from understanding the business objectives, looking at current capability and performance, organisational structure and reward to name a few. Most of these are to some degree objective, pre-determined and the strategy is a result of the factual needs such as more space.

However, creating and shaping the company culture is the one element that can be truly defined. We’ve had 5 values in Heads Resourcing Group since our conception but having the opportunity to re-evaluate them and ensure they are fit for purpose is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Do we really understand what they mean and how we want them to manifest in behaviours?

Whilst the values don’t single-handedly define the culture, they certainly enable employees to resonate with key behaviours. Our values are:

·        Rewarding Relationships

·        Exceeding Expectations

·        Being Innovative

·        Acting with Integrity

·        Putting People First

Businesses have many different values sets – each indicating where the business focus is for the internal employee and how they value their contribution. Where I believe businesses sometimes miss a trick, is in the application of the internal values set to the customer experience. Our values relate as easily with the external customer as they do to internal employees. Indeed, we actively talk about wanting to ‘wow’ you in our service delivery and exceed your expectations. We aim to raise the ‘industry bar’ in the way we operate and innovate to constantly ensure we are channelling new ways of working.

Values, behaviours and ultimately culture can not however, be imposed upon a business. It’s more like the creation of sourdough bread, whereby the initial starter needs feeding each day until it is established enough to be self-sustaining. When fellow peers recognise amazing behaviours, only than is an environment created that everyone wants to be a part of; resulting in the business becoming an employer of choice.

Jen Gaster

Founder and Director of HR Heads. Passionate about the innovative and successful recruitment of HR talent and creating strong, lasting networks built on trusted relationships. Industry specialist for the Hampshire & Surrey regions.

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