HR Recruitment Trends

HR Recruiter and Head of Practice Rosie Jenkins looks at some of the trends she is currently seeing in HR recruitment.

Within the consumer practice sector, which areas are busiest at the moment?

We’re seeing an uptick in business, hospitality, leisure and really start-up e-commerce businesses at the moment.

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Why do you think that is?

Purely because of lockdown lifting, consumer confidence, people wanting to go out more, spend more and really for life to return back to normal.

What specific HR roles are in high demand at the moment?

We’re seeing HR roles across the board.

Specifically, since the start of this year, I’ve been working on a lot of talent acquisition roles, talent attraction, engagement.

We’re seeing ED&I roles as well this year, as well as working on Head of People and Culture and HR Director positions.

What skills are organisations particularly interested in at the moment?

So just on the talent acquisition, talent attraction side of things, there is a huge demand around that engagement piece and how companies are going to attract candidates, using different routes to market and being a little bit more cute as to where to source candidates from.

There’s definitely a trend around hybrid working, the return to the office, but it’s opened up the market to us significantly right across the country.

People are prepared to travel maybe quite a long distance to be in the office just two to three days a week, so it’s really opened up that candidate market across HR roles.

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