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A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Modern Learning Methods

The early HR birds catch the Breakfast Forums!

The HR Heads team were in Bournemouth early this morning for the latest in our series of Breakfast Forums; A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Modern Learning Methods.

It’s not often we get to indulge in an environment of learning and reflection, but this morning’s Breakfast Forum provided just that opportunity. Led by our guest speaker Rachel Broome, we explored the cost-benefit analysis of modern learning in the workplace and as individuals. My key ‘take-away’ was that we are “Learning in the flow of work and life”; that learning is real-time and all the time. Rachel brought to life the top 10 digital tools for workplace learning and a broader look at the 4 components of modern learning strategy. 

So what will we do differently? 

It is clear that we might need to spend our budgets differently, but not necessarily spend more.  The software we choose to facilitate learning is certainly scalable and the use of digital platforms means what we do can be tracked and measured. 

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