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We are hiring

As we continue to grow we are looking to recruit experienced Recruitment Consultants and Associates new to the career.

For our latest video Jen Gaster, Founder and MD of Heads Resourcing Group, talks about why she founded the business, what the organisation's mission is and what makes us different.

Why did you found Heads?

I founded Heads because I was really passionate about delivering recruitment in a different way.

And I set up three values which were:

  • Exceeding expectations
  • Rewarding relationships
  • Doing the right thing.

So if that’s something you’re interested in speaking to me about and you don’t want to make a call for sake of making a call, but you want to pick up the phone because you know it will be really well received, then that’s worth contacting me.

What is Heads’ mission?

My mission is very much to take recruitment to be a professional service and in order to do that, I’m looking for us to have really personal relationships and be the trusted expert and advisors.

And that advice is given without obligation.

So we might not be the right partner for every single business, but fundamentally we’ll be open and honest with individuals to reward the relationship, create loyalty, to develop beyond just the transaction into an EQ ┬áspace that says we can really add value to the customer.

What makes us different?

Our mission is fundamentally to move recruitment from an industry to a profession and ultimately we want people to see recruitment as a professional service and when you go to your solicitors and your accountant, you pay for their time.

That’s something we’re encouraging there to be a massive shift and raise the bar and expectations around that.

So, I believe we have a real duty of care to bring people into this profession and to educate them from the grassroots up as to how to deliver customer excellence.

To that end, we’ve introduced an Associate programme that will bring in graduates or the equivalent who have a real hunger to be personable in the way that they interact with companies and with individuals and to deliver excellence in their service, learning as they go, getting a really commercial broad scope of how business works, but fundamentally delivering excellence.

If you’re interested in learning more about what a career at Heads might look like for you and find out more about what we can offer, visit