“Employee engagement is the new battlefield for real competitive advantage”

Thursday 18th October, 2018

Research from many respected sources has established a strong link between employee engagement and improved business results. Yet the ‘2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement Report’ by Aon Hewitt showed that, globally, employee engagement decreased from 65 to 63 %. In the UK the score was worse still at 58%. This shows that, in practise, achieving high levels of engagement across all tiers in an organisation can prove challenging.

Alison & Jo will help us explore Lord Mark Price’s Six Steps to Driving Workplace Happiness, providing a framework to target our efforts. They will also share details of some online tools, accessible to organisations of any size, that can support us in increasing levels of engagement.

Meet Alison & Jo…


Alison achieved high levels of success operationally before specialising in people development. Since founding Alison Craig Coaching Ltd 5 years ago, she has focused on leadership development and employee engagement working with SME’s and large corporate companies.

Passionate about the power of people to increase commercial success, Jo is an accomplished HR professional with 18 years’ experience of working in an employee-owned environment. Jo is known for her ability to quickly understand varied business settings and collaborate with stakeholders to maximise the contribution of employees.


Alison, Jo and their colleagues are delighted to be teaming up with Lord Mark Prince at Engaging Works to “make the world a little happier and a bit more decent”.