Basingstoke Breakfast Forum

Thursday 14th November, 2019

8:15-10:15 am

The advantage of being human in today’s business world

HR Heads is delighted to welcome guest speaker Laurent Bouvier to our November Breakfast Forum in Basingstoke.

Laurent is both our inhouse Talent Accelerator and an associate of The Zone.

His mission is to make organisations more human.  

The continued focus on the business world to go faster, leverage big data, work in virtual teams and generate even higher levels of efficiencies has shifted the way in which work forever.

However, a new trend is starting to emerge, that of being more Human.

Today’s leaders have evolved the old formula of:

IQ+EQ = success

To now include CQ (collective intelligence). 

When the benefits of being more human are triggered within a team environment, leaders are able to access collective intelligence, shifting the internal conversation to a new level as well as generating a proven impact on the bottom line.

Laurent’s experience acquired over 25 years scans the full spectrum of business types, from major blue-chips to the family business.

He now supports leadership teams and individual leaders across all sectors transition from hierarchal engagement models to collaborative structures and cultures – accessing the collective intelligence of all.

Be prepared for an interactive session!

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