Southampton Breakfast Forum

Thursday 14th March, 2019

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“Systemic Team Coaching”

Our actions have consequences, and the effect of our everyday choices, good and bad, ripple around the world. Take a current example; the long term, unsustainable impact of our over use of plastic – we’re now very aware of the damage it’s causing. We need to work together at all levels; individual, designer, manufacturer, society and Governmental to change our habits and behaviour. The same Systemic approach applies within business. Coaching (specifically Systematic Team Coaching) provides the space and opportunity for us to think clearly – from the future back, and looking outside in. What’s our goal? How does it relate to the wider world? How must we alter our actions now in order to achieve this vision? Systematic Team Coaching enables teams to consider their current situation, and focus on their joint endeavour.

Belinda Smith
Building on my earlier HR career, my original coaching interest was 1:1, working with newly appointed senior execs, often in global organisations. I now specialise in the wider system and how every individual, team and organisation is inter-connected. Systemic Team coaching provides a methodology for recognising and working effectively with these interdependencies. I look forward to meeting you! 

Date: Thursday 14th March

Time: 8-10am

Location: Lawton Communications Group, 4 &, 5 Grosvenor Square, Southampton, SO15 2BE

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