Talent Trilogy | Part 3

Wednesday 13th February, 2019

The HR Heads Talent Trilogy, which consists of three in-depth sessions spread across one year, is led by Organisation & Leadership Development Specialist, Kim Newton-Woof. Exclusive and personal in style, we offer the 3 part course to a select group of 12 senior HR Directors to come together and share experiences within a supportive, environment. Learning from each other, whilst being coached by industry expert Kim, attendees will be privy to knowledge and experience from the very best sources. Being part of the Talent Trilogy is also a fantastic networking opportunity, connecting with other senior HR Directors you may not have otherwise had the chance to get to know.

Launched in 2018, the complimentary Talent Trilogy is designed to send course participants on a journey of personal development – facilitated by Kim, our executive coach. Running between 4pm and 6pm, this ‘time out’ of the working day allows all attendees to focus on themselves and their business needs.

About Kim Newton-Woof

Kim specialises in working with organisations struggling to bring out the best in their business and its people. For more than 15 years, Kim has been helping leaders make sense of and master organisational and personal change. Her expertise is in organisation and leadership development, coaching and facilitation; her passion is what’s possible through people.

Interested in future Talent Trilogy Sessions?

If you’re a Senior HR Leader and would like to be involved in future Talent Trilogy sessions, please reach out to jennifer.gaster@hrheads.co.uk or call 01962 432001 to speak to a member of the HR Heads team. All we ask is that course delegates commit to all 3 sessions, and are willing to participate openly and honestly with their entire group to achieve maximum impact.