Executive Heads is our retained search offering, providing a framework for our senior talent attraction methodology.

Positioning your business and role in a very compelling way, we act as brand ambassadors delivering the EVP from an objective perspective.

Matching candidates on a technical and behavioural basis, our partnership with McQuaig enables us to measure and evidence IQ (intelligence), EQ (emotional intelligence) and CQ (collective intelligence) helping you attract and develop talented HR leaders for your business.

In an agile world our 90 days Accelerator Program provides a bespoke one-to-one coaching plan designed to integrate your new employee efficiently; enabling the business to benefit from the skills experience and vision you saw at interview.

7 Steps to Success

The 90 Day Accelerator Programme

The Accelerator Programme is our bespoke and independent one-to-one coaching plan designed to support your new employee.  Delivering results faster in the first 3 months of their new role, this enables agility, openness and pace when it comes to seeing your return on investment.

Talent Toolbox

As human beings we rely on intuition in much of what we do. When making a serious financial and timely investment to resource senior talent, it is vital to also have EQ and IQ insight. Our partnership with McQuaig and their market leading e-flow Profiler tool enables Executive Heads to provide you with a full understanding of the behavioral and skill profiles of the candidates you are considering at shortlisting stage to compliment your intuition.

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