Talent Manager | Hampshire | £30-35k

The Talent Manager is expected to be a highly knowledgeable and capable HR and Talent professional who is adept at working with the business to understand the company objectives and construct plans and strategies to improve recruitment performance and talent management.

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23rd November 2020
£30-35,000 + bonus structure + pension

This role is managed by:
Jen Gaster

or call our Hampshire office 01962 432001

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Hiring talent, and more importantly retaining it, is incredibly important to the business, meaning that the Talent Manager has a key role to play in the success of the organisation.

So, if you are interested in holding a crucial Talent Manager position, read on to delve deeper into the role and its responsibilities.

What are the duties of the Talent Manager?

The Talent Manager’s first order is to understand the business, its goals, and priorities. Once you have understood where the business is looking to excel, you can begin building talent strategies that work towards this. Ultimately, the Talent Manager is focused on attracting and retaining top talent and diverse candidates across all levels to support the growth of the organisation.

Key duties involve:

  • Identifying business needs and working to create and implement an efficient talent acquisition strategy to improve recruitment and overall performance
  • Supporting the business leaders with talent development and leading the talent acquisition activity including head-hunting approaches
  • Organising and overseeing individual and team training programmes
  • Co-ordinate with line managers to ensure regular employee performance reviews are conducted and training needs identified and addressed
  • Developing and implementing employee retention programmes or strategies
  • Understanding workforce planning and resource forecasting
  • Developing effective strategies for identifying skills gaps within the workforce
  • Understanding the current recruitment trends and our organisation’s markets to identify the impact upon the business
  • Anticipating the organisations future and working with senior leadership team to advise on recruiting tactics that will help to sustain the company’s success 
  • Developing and implementing strategies to attract diverse candidates to all areas of the business
  • Managing and delivering reports and data when required

What personal qualities and skills are required?

As Talent Manager, it goes without saying that you will need to be a highly skilled professional with experience of talent acquisition, development, management, and resourcing. However, you will also need to be strategic, influential, and confident in building relationships with employees at all levels. You will need a commercial mindset and to be analytical in your approach. Strong communication and leadership skills are a must.

The key skills and personal qualities required are:

  • Experience and a strong understanding of talent acquisition, management, and development
  • Partnering with the Marketing Manager to develop EVP, brand and create ‘employer of choice’ status
  • Ability to be strategic and tactical when making decisions
  • Great interpersonal and motivational skills
  • Analytical and able to interpret data 
  • Brilliant at influencing employees at all levels to support your strategies
  • Familiar with performance management
  • Experience of headhunting and attracting difficult to find talent and securing them into the business
  • Experience delivering employee training programmes
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

How to apply for the Talent Manager role:

To apply for this exciting Talent Manager position, please email your CV and current/latest package details to Jennifer Gaster at Jennifer.gaster@hrheads.co.uk. To have a further confidential conversation, please contact Jen on 07533 642111.

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