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10 Tips For Writing A Good CV

The team at HR Heads is always happy to support people looking for their next HR job, the team has put together some tips and advice on how to write a good CV and succeed at an interview.

No matter how charismatic and capable you are of selling yourself in person, 99% of the time you will need to submit your CV to a role as the first point of contact. 

There are many varying ideas of what a good CV looks like and for each person, it will be different. 

However, there are some standard best practice hints and tips that should steer you in the right direction:

  • Stick to the truth – you will be found out otherwise!
  • It is important that you can explain the context in which you are working
  • Keep it current and chronological
  • Don’t include photographs or graphics
  • Allow plenty of white space and use bullet points to define key areas
  • Be precise and demonstrate your achievements where possible
  • 2 pages are enough, 1 page isn’t!
  • Ensure your CV is achievements based and showcases the impact your actions had on the business, not just a list of your responsibilities
  • Demonstrate the commercials and return on investment. Remember that, like everything, HR is a cost to the business, and you must demonstrate the value you add
  • Try to include numbers in the content: how many employees, sites, size of budgets, cost reduction, increase in retention, reduction in attrition etc. This makes it a much more interesting read!

If you’re struggling to find the inspiration (or the time!) to write your CV, or you need some specific advice – please contact us to book a CV Aid session.

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Interview Techniques

Individuals attending interviews often go with the mindset that they are on trial, that they are the ones who have to impress. 

Our coaching around this process starts with the re-positioning of this mindset.  An interview is a two-way process. 

While you are there to impress with your skills, technical capability and gravitas, you are also there to understand whether they are an organisation and individual/s that you want to work with. 

This should put you on an equal footing, and allow you to demonstrate your suitability for the role.

Here are 7 tips to succeed at an interview:

• Be punctual and appropriately dressed for the environment
• Exhibit good body language, posture, eye contact, firm handshake etc
• Answer the question with evidence-based examples
• Use STAR / CAR to ensure your answers are succinct.
• Talk about your achievements – not those of the entire team
• Be interested and responsive to their comments – build rapport
• Have done your research on the business

The value of professional qualifications

The best HR qualifications to get

Whether you are a seasoned HR professional or just starting out in your HR journey, there is no doubt that professional qualifications give you an edge over the competition. With the volume of applicants to a role on the rise, the decision to shortlist or not could be down to whether you have the qualification.

Within HR, the CIPD is the badge to have. 

As the professional body for HR and people development, they offer a range of membership options and grades of qualifications. With local branches running networking events you can ensure you are kept up to date with legislation and best practice.

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