57% of recruiters turn to job boards amid talent shortages

According to Talent.com, more than half (57%) of recruiters have turned to job boards and job aggregators since the Covid-19 pandemic to help them make the right hires faster, as businesses compete to secure skills amid acute talent shortages.

The survey also found that social media has become the source of choice for 30% of survey respondents in recent months, as hirers scramble to identify and engage passive candidates ahead of their competitors.

The research follows recent warnings from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) that the current talent crisis could last for two years if the government waits for ‘shortages to solve themselves’. The business lobby group also reports that we are presently experiencing the most severe labour crunch since the 1970s.

Noura Dadzie, VP Sales UK & International Markets at Talent.com, said, “It’s unsurprising that recruiters have turned to new sources such as aggregators in addition to job boards at a time when the talent shortage continues to plague businesses. With open job vacancies across the UK now topping one million for the first time ever, competition for the best talent has never been tighter – and recruiters are finding themselves working twice as hard to stand any chance of securing the skills they seek in candidates.

“As talent acquisition teams are forced to look outside of their usual ‘go to’ channels to source candidates, they are discovering increasingly sophisticated tech tools at their disposal. The rise of programmatic platforms is enabling recruitment professionals to expand their reach and target the ideal candidates while saving both time and money.

“Advertising jobs through these platforms enables recruiters to work smarter by allowing AI to do the thinking and bidding on their behalf. Through the use of algorithms and A/B testing, jobs are automatically posted to multiple boards which are chosen depending on factors including location and industry. The performance of these postings is then digitally analysed to determine future posting decisions. When so many businesses are chasing so few candidates, harnessing technology in this way is one of the most efficient ways to make the right hires faster.”

Jen Gaster, Founder and MD of HR Heads added, “The best recruiters will be utilising a variety of tools to source talent, whether that’s through job boards, social media, well-nurtured networks or referrals.

“In the HR recruitment space we are seeing the highest demand for talent in living memory and having a well-rounded talent acquisition offering is integral to making successful hires.”