‘Cracking the Culture Code’

Overview of the morning

A great morning with Niall Cluley from Dragonfish UK at Lawton Communications Group in Southampton. Niall talked us through ‘cracking the culture code to transform business performance’, below are a few key messages to make you think and attached is the full presentation slides to get you up to speed on culture.

3 top takeaways from the morning…

  1. Size the price before you start
  2. Do less but do it brilliantly; carefully prioritise and go with the energy
  3. Think as your people as customers – but more demanding

If you missed out on our breakfast forum that’s not a problem we have the presentation from Niall here for you to gain some insight into the topic and discussions of the morning.

Click here to read: Dragonfish Culture Presentation


Our Next Forum…

We have our Bournemouth Breakfast Forum on the 29th June with guest speaker Sally Bibb from Engaging Minds discussing ‘Strengths Based Development’. Click here to find out more and reserve your space.