The Contemporary Manager | If you can’t talk about it, you can’t manage it!

Employees first and foremost are people, and people bring their lives to work each day. In recent research, it was found that almost half of employees feel their line manager is not concerned about their well-being.


Our Breakfast Forum in Southampton on Thursday 20th September was led by Jayne Carrington, a widely respected coach and mentor in the health and well-being industry. Jayne delivered a thought-provoking session, designed to raise awareness that managers represent a vital lever for creating a positive and engaged workforce. Jayne offered 5 hot topics for discussion: Physical Health, Mental Well-being, Financial worries, Home based difficult relationships and Work Related Problems. The topic chosen to discuss by the entire group was Mental Well-being

With over 30 years in management, most of which at Board level, Jayne has worked in both the private and public sector earning her reputation as a market pioneer and innovator.  Jayne is passionate about empowering people to take care of their mental and physical well-being, and believes that everyone has the ability to embrace change and achieve their potential.




The Breakfast Forum took the form of a practical workshop, exploring what managers can realistically do to address issues in a positive and supportive way whilst continuing to meet the performance needs of the business. Forum attendees were given access to contemporary research information on how to deal with well-being issues such as: financial concerns, relationship breakdowns, mental and physical health and workplace issues.

Positive employee engagement has become the key differentiator for creating a high-performing workplace environment and it is critical that managers, who are at the front line, provide a supporting and nurturing space and rise to any challenge. But it is tough being a manager! Performance targets are demanding, resources are scarce and time is precious. Most managers want to do the right thing for employee well-being but may feel uncertain about how to do this.


Ask yourself…

Do you ask how your employees are and walk off?

You must listen! It’s all about understanding how your employees really are, and showing that you care. Often Managers think they are good at managing people, but do their employees feel they are managed well?

Key Takeaways…

  • Leadership and management behaviours consistently have the strongest relationship with overall engagement and organisational performance.
  • Many of the CIPD seven dimensions that affect job quality are very human in nature, like having a good relationship with your line manager
  • Employees want their managers to genuinley care about their wellbeing
  • Creativity, people management and emotional intelligence are skills that tap human potential and allow people to augment robots, rather than be replaced by them.

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