Job seeking feels like a ‘full-time job’ for applicants – new data reveals

More than half (59%) of job seekers struggle with the time investment needed to find a new role, stating that the job search is as time-consuming as a full-time position.

That’s according to a survey conducted by job application tracking platform, RoleCatcher.

At a time when the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has reported record vacancy numbers since summer 2021 and widespread skills shortages have been felt by businesses across the UK, RoleCatcher’s data shows that the recruitment journey has become progressively prolonged for applicants, with the length of time spent on the job search increasing after the pandemic.

The data also indicates that the time invested by applicants is not entirely productive, with 29% of time considered to be wasted on tasks such as sifting through emails, indicating that the job application process isn’t working for many applicants.

James Fogg, CEO and Founder of RoleCatcher said, “While there may be an increasing number of vacancies available in today’s employment market, it would appear that many candidates are struggling to manage their job-search. And with businesses across the country reporting a shortage of skills, the amount of time individuals are spending applying for roles, often while trying to work full time themselves, is counter-productive to the hiring needs of companies nationwide.

“If we look at the recruitment process from an employer’s point of view, the evolution of hiring has been building speed for some time. We have seen firms use advanced recruitment technologies, but it appears that this evolution is not being matched by job seekers.“Respondents reported that e-mails are the most common method of job application organisation, while some are using a singular notepad or no form of organisation at all.

“There was, however, a general recognition from our survey respondents that organisational tools can make looking for work much easier and far less stressful. As recruiters increasingly use tools to make their lives easier it’s paramount that job-seekers do the same.”

Hayley Packham, Operations Director for Heads Resourcing Group, said, “Even in a candidate’s market, a scatter-gun approach to application won’t yield the desired results and it’s not overly surprising to see that 59% of job seekers struggle with the time investment needed to find their next job.

“However, partnering with a professional recruitment agency is undoubtedly beneficial – and our team of Consultants will offer advice without obligation.”

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